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AbandonedVehicles.co.uk are the national market leaders in the removal of abandoned vehicles from private land.


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Our experienced and dedicated team have been assisting and delivering swift results for over twenty five years. Our clients have experienced problems with abandoned vehicles on a wide variety of commercial properties from industrial estates to smaller business car parks. We have also been able to help several private individuals who had experienced vehicles abandoned outside their private property. If you have any questions regarding our three phase process please see below.


In the initial stage Abandoned Vehicle Removal will attend your premises, identify the offending vehicle, complete a full risk assessment of the vehicle then serve our notice. The notice gives the owner seven days to remove the vehicle. We will also attempt to directly contact the registered keeper to discuss the removal of the vehicle in question


If no communication from the keeper/owner has been received after the initial seven day period had expired, Abandoned Vehicle Removal will then commence the process of writing to the DVLA for the full information surrounding the last registered keeper. During this time we will liaise with other agencies and complete the further necessary background checks.


At this point all efforts will have been made to contact the owner/keeper of the vehicle to discuss removal. Should this have proved unsuccessful, our enforcement team will return to the site to carry out removal and disposal. Once the vehicle has been removed our team will provide you with a full report.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a vehicle is abandoned?

It is very difficult to identify an abandoned vehicle in the sense that it proves difficult to find and contact the registered keeper of the vehicle in question. Therefore we recommend seeking some helpful advice from one of our highly trained team.

What are the costs of not removing a vehicle?

The cost of not removing an abandoned vehicle can be enormous. Several of our clients have had insurance premiums shoot up due to the presence of vehicle on site. This is due to insurers seeing abandoned vehicles as fire and theft issues.

Can I remove an abandoned vehicle myself?

In short, the answer is NO, because of the strict regulation surrounding abandoned vehicles, especially on private land. Call our team to discuss your options.

How long does it take to remove a vehicle?

From start to finish the process of removing an abandoned vehicle generally takes four weeks. However, most vehicles are removed before they are towed this generally takes around two weeks.

What are the costs of removing a vehicle?

Stage one costs from £250+, Stage two costs £75+, Stage three costs on average £500+. For a more specific quote based on your situation regarding abandoned vehicles then feel free to call the team.

Are the Police involved with our process?

We will always include the police at Stage two of our process. This is to ensure no criminal activity is associated with the vehicle in question.

Customer Testimonials

What They’re Saying

The team at abandoned vehicles were fantastic in aiding the removal of an abandoned vehicle from one of our pay and display parking bays. The cost of not acting could of cost us thousands in potential income and also unseen costs such as the increase in our insurance premiums whilst the vehicle was on site.

Jane Smith

Commercial Manager

Abandoned Vehicles.co.uk has helped us several times with abandoned vehicles on our office car park. The teams ability to identify and remove so quickly blew us away and we have found that most vehicles have been removed by step two of their process.

Dan Greene

IT Director, Monarch Inc.

We have always suffered from people abandoned their vehicles on our private land but the team at abandoned vehicles has been very helpful in not only removing the abandoned vehicles in question but also consulting with us to ensure the problem doesn’t re-occur.

David Wilson

CEO, Extra Space


Are the Police involved with removal?

Are the Police involved with removal?

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How to identify an Abandoned Vehicle?

How to identify an Abandoned Vehicle?

Half of the battle when it comes to removing an abandoned vehicle it is often difficult to identify. Has the vehicle has been abandoned or is some other reason is to blame. A lot of the clients we deal with often call seeking advice on how to tell if a vehicle has...

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If you need to speak to one of the team here at Abandoned Vehicle Removal feel free to contact us below or use our free phone number to speak to one of our advisors.

Contact Us - 0800 612 5180

If you need to speak to one of the team here at Abandoned Vehicle Removal feel free to contact us below or by calling our free phone number.










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